Wednesday, February 23, 2005

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Main Street Media Picking Up on Gannon- Time to crank up OUR Framing Machine

As I watched Anderson Cooper on CNN just now doing about 10 minutes grilling Gannon I had a mostly good mixture of feelings. I was pleased that he was finally starting to cover this real and important story, yet I was disappointed to see that he felt he had to qualify his reporting by letting Gannon get away with claiming that this is all a personal attack based on the gay escort angle.

My sense from following this story as its emerged on the blogs is that everyone here understands that it's the propaganda and inside access to Plame stuff that's most important, and that the hotmilitarystuds angle is an interesting sidelight, relevant primarilly for showcasing Gannon's hypocracy. It's news in the same way that televangist affairs are news. They debunk the "holier than thou" self-righteousness that these guys sell like popcorn, but they really don't have a lot of societal impact.
Now, as this story gathers steam and gets further into the MSM, it strikes me that we need to be thinking about how to counteract the WH spin machine and get the information out there accurately.

The battle has already begun, whether we know it or not. Rove's attempts thus far have been as follows:

-Play up the Jordan story to distract the media by giving them a "liberal" target and hijack the news cycle until the Gannon story goes stale.

-Attempt to discredit the story as a bunch of whooey by pajama wearing liberals who hate the president so much they will play dirty with this "poor guy's" personal life.

Now, my contribution to how we should frame this debate is as follows:
We must drop the gay porn angle. Who cares? We're liberals for Chrissakes, and pushing the guy's preference distracts from the greater point. Remember how the Cheney daughter remark took the wind out of Kerry's 3d debate win? We need to just DROP IT. Right now. Don't let them dismiss the important point by harping on the trivial one.

We must continue to pursue with all our strength and intelligence the evidence that would show this is part of a BROADER PATERN to create a propaganda campaign that bears little relation to indisputable facts.

We should highlight in particular how this propaganda campaign has been intentionally designed to protect the administration from legitimate questions by the MSM.
This final angle is really important and should (finally) be sticking under the MSM's craw and ought to propel them on to further investigation of their own.
If these investigations pan out AND the MSM unites in pursuing this story, the disinformation machine may finally get the public undoing that it deserves.


At 2:36 PM, Blogger Gretchen Ross said...

This whole Gannongate is just sickening. I would laugh if it werent so horribly disturbing. Nice weblog. Good luck.



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