Saturday, February 26, 2005


Close-up of a hand putting shiny half-dollars into a ceramic piggy bank. "Clink, Clink, Clink" in the background.

Fade into footage of Bush at 2000 debate, "that's uh, some kind of fuzzy math they're usin'..." Date appears at bottom, "Fall, 2000"

Fade into footage of Bush official saying, "The President's perscription drug bill will only cost 400 million." Date appears at bottom, "Fall, 2001"

Fade to close-up of Newspaper Headline, "President's perscription drug plan to cost 1.3 Trillion.." Date appears at bottom, "February, 2005."

Cut back to Piggy Bank just as it's getting burried with thousands of coins and 100 dollar bills.

VOICEOVER: "Look who's doin' the fuzzy math now..."


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