Monday, October 31, 2005


Husband and Wife working together around the kitchen, making dinner. Husband washing pots. Wife pulling a roasted chicken out of the oven.

Wife: So hon, did you hear the President nominated Sam Alito to the Supreme Court?

Husband: Sure did. Too bad. I thought Meirs looked pretty sharp and might be reasonable. Course, that's why the right wingers made sure Bush got her to withdraw.

Wife: No, you really think so? I thought she was just sick of the process, all those questions about things years ago. I mean, who wants to go through all that?

Husband: Well, we better go through all that. Alito voted to make women notify their husbands that they want an abortion, even if the guy's a wife-beater.

CLOSEUP OF WIFE, EYES LOOKING RIGHT INTO THE CAMERA, Wife says, "Oh, reeeealy...." Wife's eyes become steely with determination.

FADE TO BLACK, CAPTION WITH VOICEOVER: "If you care about maintaining reproductive freedom, you must oppose the nomination of Sam Alito to the United States Supreme Court. For more information contact us at................"

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